Curriculum Development

     The Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative (GTCC) is a consortium of thirty-two K-12, thirteen K-8 and 2 9-12 rural Montana and private school districts.  In response to many changes, reforms, and mandates affecting national and state education standards today, the GTCC was formed to address the curriculum, assessments and professional development needs of its member schools.

     GTCC member educators guided, researched and wrote the curriculum objectives for each specific content level. Regional master committee meetings and periodic revisions to documents are ongoing processes that improve the developed materials.

     Through collaborative efforts, the Golden Triangle's members have made it possible to provide quality training and resources to assist member schools as they plan, design and implement curriculum and assessment programs within their districts.

      The GTCC's products are available to member districts for use in adapting the curricula and assessment tools to their needs in meeting district, state, and national accreditation standards.

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